Sunday, November 2, 2008

Welcome to My New Home

Since the AOL journals has shuttered it's doors, here's the new home of MsMyTPen's house. Welcome

Together We Can Change the World

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Spanish - translated by Daniel Bistman & Celestino Medina-Garcia
Greek - translated by Styliani (Stella) Routis
French - translated by Kareen-Sophie Garcia
फ्रेंच - ट्रांस्लातेद बी करीं-सोफी गार्सिया
பிரெஞ்சு - ற்றன்ச்லடேது பி கரீன்-சொப்யே கர்சியா

Golden Rule Days - Get Online for Homework Help During School Days

I compile a reference list for my godson every year before school starts and thought I'd pass this along in case anyone else could use it. I definitely make sure my popup blocker is on. I haven't had any problems but used to have a lot of ads. Big Dog Grammar International Children's Digital Library Created for kids by librarians Google reference tools directory All sorts of teaching/education related info and links Internet Public Library Searchable legal documents Claims to be most comprehensive list of everything about poets and poetry 7700 pages from Libraries in 146 countries Internet Wayback Machine
http://www.f/ English, encyclopedia, literature, etc. Almanac, dictionary, encyclopedia, etc. There are definitely popups and ads for dating services on this site Where stats come alive is the tag line. Real potpourri of information Where stats come alive for States. If you don't know, ask a group who will go out and get back an answer for you Merriam webster online Sells products but offers free computer tips and sites to check out. You can get a daily mail or view their information in an rss viewer Portable planetarium for jump drives